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I've been blogging since 2012.

It’s no coincidence that’s less than a year after my second divorce, and what I thought was the end of my goal-oriented life. I write about unifying life experiences—often the stuff people think but don’t say out loud.

You will find posts on both overcoming traumatic events and achieving goals including the following topics:

      • divorce
      • having cancer (leukemia) and a Bone Marrow Transplant
      • mom/daughter dynamics
      • raising a teenager
      • single-parenting
      • dating as an almost 40-year-old (not) virgin
      • Christianity
      • becoming an avid marathoner
      • and empty-nesting.

Oh…and I write a lot about leadership, career development, corporate culture and USING YOUR VOICE in the workplace. #changeyourtone.

Latest on the blog

It’s Never Too Late to Overcome

I have the privilege of interviewing guests at the mission regularly. Understandably, not everyone who comes through a journey of homelessness wants to share their story. Not everyone is ready. Not everyone is an extroverted proponent of public consumption. You know,...

Leaving a Family Legacy: How One Family Turned Tragedy, Triumph, and Organ Donation Into Saving Lives

What happens when one mother loses her only son in a car accident when he himself was on his way to the funeral of someone he loved? The circle of life is both brutal…and beautiful.

Living Authentically & Making Good Decisions

“Maybe he or she will love me more” more if I just do more. This formula never holds true. It becomes a transactional relationship when you think like this, a way to maintain a false semblance of control. Very often, this way of thinking begins in the church. If I just don’t sin (as much), then God will love me.

International Women’s Day: Choosing to Challenge

International Women's Day is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. The day also marks a call to action for advancing gender parity. Significant energy is felt worldwide as groups come together to celebrate women's...

Forever Changed: Traversing Through Life Together

Recently I was asked to be a recurring freelance writer for a national magazine publication called TransplantNation. There was no way I was saying no to that. None. I am an ardent believer in using our past experiences, particularly the painful ones, to help others...
Her Golden Birthday

Her Golden Birthday

I never knew what a "golden birthday" was until my daughter--whose golden birthday it is today--informed me. "Mom, you know I'm turning twenty-three...

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New Normals

New Normals

One of my dear friends sent me a text earlier that said, “…so I’m in the process of accepting my new normal.” With a half-smile, I tensed up and...

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A New Season: On Sabbatical

I am less than one week into my 9-month sabbatical.  How’s it going, you ask?  Is it fun?  Is it everything you thought it’d be so...

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Not open to suggestions

It’s Sunday morning again – the day I used to go to church. My new Sunday morning routine consists of writing (obviously), reflecting, reading Scripture and praying.  Although, my “praying” looks nothing like I was taught in church.  For the longest time, I was stuck on the part where I thought God was hollow, like […]

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Church Shopping: Still Worse than Dating

You may recall that when I moved to Grand Rapids two years ago, my husband and I went on a church hunt.  You may also recall I said it was “worse than dating.” I wasn’t wrong. Today, we are still unchurched. Most days, this feels like a dull pain, kind of like an ongoing humming […]

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