Press & Media

Press & Media

I am honored to be a part of these special publications, podcasts and other media appearances.

I hope you enjoy them.

Remember to check back often for updates and follow along on social media. 


Cascade Living

Making a Difference – Cascade Mom Survives Cancer and Now Works to Help Others Do the Same

Ada Living

Meet the Unsinkable Beth Fisher – The Gift of Gab and a Love for Words Lead to Launch of Book


A Mother’s Resolve – Beth Fisher Overcomes Obstacles While Facing Cancer and Transplant

Mel Trotter Ministries

Staff Spotlight – Beth’s Story

West Michigan Christian News

Women of Influence: Beth Fisher


Conversations with the Not-So-Famous Achievers Podcast

With Bill Crist and Robert White

The Living a Better Story Podcast

The Importance of Being In The Moment

The Deep Dive Spirituality Conversations Podcast

Beth takes us on a deep dive into issues of identity. 

Virtuous - The Responsive Weekly

Cultivating a Response Mindset

Life Network for Women

Messages with Kaya

Kingdom City Conversations

With Beth Fisher

The Rainmaker Fundraising Podcast

Positive Disruption with Beth Fisher

Beyond Any Limit Podcast

How to Deal with Image and Identity Issues

Beyond Any Limit Podcast

How to Overcome Challenges and Win Everytime

Inspiring Growth

A Fascinating Conversation with Author Beth Fisher about Shedding Untrue Labels and Growing into the Person You Were Meant To Be

Growing Forward Together

Living Misunderstood: Life as an Enneagram 8 with Beth Fiser & Cindy DeBoer

The Badass Womens Council

Rebecca is joined by Beth Fisher. Beth is here to Reflect, Reject, and Be Remorseless

Perry & Shawna


Mitch Kruse

With Beth Fisher and Mitch Kruse


Warm Up West Michigan

Fit for Christ Wellness

Overcoming Adversity and Being Who God Created You to Be

Download Your Free Assessment and Guidebook Now: How to Show Up and Be Who You are Meant to Be and Make Better Decisions TODAY

This short and powerful document will help you uncover your true self and tackle decision-making authentically and/or in the midst of adversity. It's available now as a FREE download

• Performance-based acceptance and workaholism quiz
• Actionable, Guided Coaching Exercises designed to help you escape the labels, guilt & barriers
• "New ways" of deconstructing and ditching false narratives so you can show up every day in meaningful ways with impact and influence

Your request has been made, be on the lookout for an email from Beth!

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