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Judge, 28th Annual Writer’s Digest Book Awards

Stellar opening, featuring an insight (“…because you caved into the wrong version of yourself”) that grabs the reader with its authenticity, uniqueness and great energy. We are hooked in, and ready for the author’s upcoming gems of wisdom. I loved, loved, loved the pace of this book, the steady delivery of fresh takes written in some gorgeous phrasing. It’s all far too polished to call it rapid-fire delivery, so I’ll liken the pace to a swiftly-moving river of more sunlight-reflecting swells than pulse-pounding whitecaps. We’re happy we’re here, positioned well and poised to receive.

“Forgiveness for bad choices that were made while living a false version of yourself” stands out as a triumph here. Life-changing for the reader, one of those golden insights that unlock a level of healing. We have one of those keys we’ve been looking for and praying for. Lastly, “Remorseless relationships do exist” hits the reader squarely in the heart, and – as we find ourselves many times – we’re assessing our lives with a fresh light. Very well done.


A Great Cover to Cover Read

As an extensive reader of self-help and mindset books always looking to improve myself, I sat with this book and read it cover-to-cover. The author’s writing style of wit and candor along with detailed descriptions of the events in her life brought me back to so many experiences from my childhood which kept me smiling throughout the chapters. The greatest part about this book is that it wasn’t a step by step instruction manual on how to think differently but a guided journey of relatable truths that illustrate how our journey in life would be so much happier if we stopped focusing on the labels placed upon us by others. Great read, great stories, great book.


A Journey of Introspection and Grace

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Our personal narratives are exactly that… personal. These internal dialogues stem from our life experiences and relationships and interpretations of said experiences. This book allowed me to look inside at my life experiences and choices and reflect on them with grace. “Remorseless” was a wonderful journey through reflections and a welcome reminder that where we go from here is up to us and our relationship with ourselves and our higher power.


An Emotionally Inspiring Read

I didn’t know what to expect when I started reading this book, but it didn’t take long for me to realize the deep and emotional similarities that existed in my life. Even though we can have completely different stories, we can still share the same experiences, reactions and ultimately the same consequences. Transformation is definitely life long, takes action & patience, but we can’t do it alone either as she points out. There’s a God who loves us unconditionally. I especially like the concise reminders at the end of the chapters. A wonderful and inspiring read. Well done, Beth.






Beth Fisher is an author, speaker, business leader, cancer-survivor, and marathoner with a passion for helping others overcome adversity. With what she calls a “checkered resume,” Beth helps bridge the gap between making decisions based on what others expect and instead, living remorselessly, based on who you were created to be. She is a passionate inspirer of people, especially those seeking to understand their true meaning and calling.

Beth spent over twenty-five years in corporate sales, leading thousands of people within some of the largest Fortune 500 companies to identify and execute process improvement. During the course of that career is when she finally recognized what she had truly been doing all along was teaching individuals how to persevere in their own personal process improvement journey.

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Download Your Free Assessment and Guidebook Now: How to Show Up and Be Who You are Meant to Be and Make Better Decisions TODAY

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