Beth Fisher lives in Grand Rapids, Michigan and is an Author, Speaker, and Personal and Professional Development Coach who helps realign individuals and businesses to their original intended purpose. She also is a lover of words and people but hates labels . . . so the below is mostly just for obligatory informational purposes. You really need to meet Beth to get the real Beth.

Really. You should.

Here’s the deal. Beth is the person who will say out loud what everyone is thinking. She’s always been like that. As she likes to tell people, “I came out of the womb asking ‘But why?’ Who decided THAT? Do we have to do what everyone else tells us to do? . . . But why?”

A status-quo disrupter, Beth empowers others on their journeys to show up and be who they were created to be. Mostly that’s because for years she did not do that herself. She succumbed to societal labels, expectations, and assumptions instead of being her true self. That is until she was forced to.

At age twenty-five, in the middle of a divorce after less than two years of marriage and mom to an eighteen-month-old daughter, Beth was diagnosed with leukemia and was told she was going to die. She had no idea what to do. The only thing she thought she knew was that she “got cancer” as punishment from God for being divorced.

After surviving a Bone Marrow Transplant, subsequent twelve-year marriage and (another) divorce, Corporate America, the Boston Marathon, and being shunned from several churches, Beth went back to school and earned two master’s degrees in Theology so she could “get the real story” about life—instead of the stuff other people had tried to get her to believe but she had always questioned.

Beth left her successful (and comfortable) corporate consulting career, wrote a book (Remorseless: Learning to Lose Labels, Expectations, and Assumptions Without Losing Yourself) along with its companion Workbook (get it here), and went to work at a local homeless shelter where she had previously taught devotions; i.e. taught people that they matter—no matter their present circumstances, past choices, or what others wrongly think about them.

A life-long teacher at heart, Beth loves to preach and is an engaging speaker and transformational development coach. You can see her resume HERE but again, you should really just meet her.

Beth has one daughter, Olivia, who is almost twenty-four, and is married to Ryan (because “Hey, third time’s a charm and I’m no quitter”). She runs marathons, freelance writes for Transplant Nation and is also the host of The Remorseless Podcast and Remorselessly Biblical—a show about how to read the Bible and not feel like a no-good terrible loser sinner as you do. Beth interviews people she’s had the privilege to meet along the course of her own interesting journey on the show.

“Be tenaciously relational,” Beth says. “But above all else, be who you were created to be.”

Download Your Free Assessment and Guidebook Now: How to Show Up and Be Who You are Meant to Be and Make Better Decisions TODAY

Download Your Free Assessment and Guidebook Now: How to Show Up and Be Who You are Meant to Be and Make Better Decisions TODAY

This short and powerful document will help you uncover your true self and tackle decision-making authentically and/or in the midst of adversity. It's available now as a FREE download

• Performance-based acceptance and workaholism quiz
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