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Actionable tools and inspirational stories to help you get through normal, messed up, everyday life – all while learning how to read The Bible and not feel like a no-good terrible sinner loser afterward.

Hosted by Beth Fisher, an author, speaker, and transformation coach, you will be empowered to show up, get through life’s adversities and challenging decisions, and finally be who you were made to be.

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Episode 23: What Denying Yourself Really Means

Join Beth on this week’s episode of Remorselessly Biblical where she teaches from Mark Chapter 8 on what Jesus meant when he told Peter, “Get Behind Me, Satan!” along with how we should really deny ourselves if we want to follow Him. It may not be what you think.

Remember to keep Showing Up on your journeys “without guilt”…in spite of wrongdoing. You are forgiven, and you have matter and worth and value given to you by an almighty, all-forgiving God who loves you unconditionally!

Episode 22: Living Beyond Image and Identity
Join me for a very special episode with Dr. Francesca Abii, founder of Victory in Christ International Ministries host of the podcast and Roku Show, “Beyond Any Limit,” author of Victory in Christ: Living the Life that Has No Limits!
Dr. Francesca reached out to me one day recently and asked me to be on her show to talk about the issues women (and men) have with Image and Identity. From there, we became fast friends who have bonded over this topic as well as our passion for reaching others around the globe who need to hear the message of: you have value and worth and mattering…and are unconditionally loved!
It was truly a blessing & privilege to be on Dr. Francesca’s show – you won’t want to miss this one!
You can find out more about her international ministry and offerings here!

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Download Your Free Assessment and Guidebook Now: How to Show Up and Be Who You are Meant to Be and Make Better Decisions TODAY

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