Growth is painful.  Change is painful.  But nothing is more painful than being stuck somewhere you don’t belong. -Mandy Hale

This is perhaps one of my favorite quotes of all-time, and I am a sucker for quotes.

The more life that has accumulated in the rear-view mirror, the more I realize how being true to who you are – and have always been – should prevail as the #1 most important life mantra we all have.  The exact moment you step away from it is the moment the door for wrong decisions, wrong relationships, and wrong living opens up.

And the second you walk through that door…there is no going back.  It’s kind of like when, as some of you equally all-things-80’s people will remember, you go to a college bar, someone inevitably announces they have to go to the bathroom, and the next thing someone screams is, “Break the seal…!”

It’s the same principle.  Once you start living like someone you are not, you can’t stop. You begin to settle for that imposter version of yourself, thereby closing off any potential to reach your fullest capacity.  In a nutshell, your growth immediately gets stunted.

Deciding to spend time with a circle of friends or an intimate partner who is, shall we say, not equally yoked, i.e. brings you down/slows you down/holds you back/doesn’t lift you up or inspire you, is the fastest way to get stuck in a discounted version of yourself.

Seriously, when you choose the wrong person with whom to spend the majority of your time, no wonder the question of the hour at the forced dinner date eventually becomes, “What’s wrong, honey?”


Everything is wrong!

We get off-script.  Off-course. 

So how do you start navigating in the right direction and/or avoid going the wrong way in the first place?

By implementing the long-game principle.

I can help you do that.

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