Remorselessly Biblical Pilot Episode

Welcome to the Remorseless Podcast PILOT (which means, hold on tight), a place filled with straight-up tools, sarcasm, and inspirational stories designed to help you get through normal, messed up, everyday life. Oh, and depending on my mood, all while learning how to read the Bible and not feel like a no-good terrible sinner loser afterward.

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EP0 INTRO to The Remorseless Series

At long last, an introduction to what you’ve all been waiting and asking for: the lowdown on all the hard life lessons I’ve learned from all the mistakes I’ve made. The stories. The “you can’t make this stuff up” behind the scenes from my...

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014 Do It Anyway – Why Going Deeper Matters

What if Peter and the other disciples didn’t “feel like” going back out after an entire night of fishing with no results? No fish? No success? What if they would have decided to take the easy route, not listen to Jesus, and stay stuck?...

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010 Joy & Peace in Believing in WHO YOU ARE

There is a categorical difference between having ears and having ears "to hear." What are you hearing? What is the story you've been telling yourself - about yourself? There is joy and peace in not only knowing who you truly...

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009 Faith & Fear

How many promises are there in the Bible, you ask? 5,467 (give or take). And not a single one of 'em promises you have to live in fear.  Have you ever stayed stuck in a situation like a relationship or a job strictly because you were...

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