oday’s guest is the amazing Soorin Backer of Soorin Backer Ministries. She is the author of Women in Jesus’ Life and founder of The Pearls of Hope Conference held yearly on the West Coast (hybrid/virtual option available). Soorin says, “In a day and age when women are still being told to ‘go home,’ we are inundated with messages that can be confusing about how God truly views us. However, the Gospels are clear. In a culture that established women as property, Jesus actively worked to disrupt the cultural norms of his day.”

On this episode, we discuss why women hold the prophetic keys of the future of ministry and why it has always been this way in Scripture, even though many individuals and institutions still struggle with believing it. Soorin asks hard and often controversial questions like, “Why is it okay for women to be the President of an entire country, but they cannot hold the mic to preach in front of 100 people?” and “Why do we insist on making God a formula?” 

From raising our children and the next generation with God’s unconditional love to spending intimate time with God, you will hear why showing up unapologetically as the person God made you to be matters. Tune in to hear this bold and eye-opening interview!

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