Remorseless By Beth Fisher


What would your life look like today if you hadn’t caved to the wrong version of yourself so many years ago?

Remorseless is the journey of one woman’s constant questioning and confusion about how others—including and especially God—see her. A transformational expose, each chapter leads readers down a path of self-acceptance unapologetically and without regret. Through various stages and seasons of life, you will learn how to navigate triumphs, tragedies, and decisions without losing sight of who you’ve been all along.

Remorseless Workbook



The Remorseless Workbook is an indispensable book for anyone following the spiritual path back to who they were created to be. Fisher is at her best, bringing her biting sarcasm and cynicism with regard not only to gender inequities (“I’m just a feminist, not a hater”) but to societal constructs – including and especially, religion. “Make no mistake,” she says. “Religion ruins relationships.”For the multitudes of people who have been inspired to uncover their true selves and tackle decision-making authentically and/or in the midst of adversity after reading Beth Fisher’s debut book, Remorseless: Learning to Lose, Labels, Expectations, and Assumptions—Without Losing Yourself, here now is a workbook and companion to the well-received book. 

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A life-changing eight-week program, Remorseless: A Journey to Losing Labels, Expectations, and Assumptions—and Finding Yourself in Includes:-More than 100 Remorseless tasks;-More than 50 Remorseless check-ins;-Over 30 Remorseless reminders;-A captivating and thought-provoking introduction to the workbook in which Fisher shares new insights surrounding the intrinsic connectivity of every individual to themselves;-Two vital and actionable tools (Real Reminders and Self Hang Out) which provide readers with immediate transformational results on their journeys back home to who they truly are . . . and have always been.“I highly recommend this book to everyone who has experienced struggles—which pretty much includes all of us.” –Dave Dravecky, Former Major League Pitcher for the SF Giants

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This short and powerful document will help you uncover your true self and tackle decision-making authentically and/or in the midst of adversity. It's available now as a FREE download

• Performance-based acceptance and workaholism quiz
• Actionable, Guided Coaching Exercises designed to help you escape the labels, guilt & barriers
• "New ways" of deconstructing and ditching false narratives so you can show up every day in meaningful ways with impact and influence

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