This is what I start most texts, emails, or greetings with when I chat with one of my very best friends.  Truth be told, I have no idea why we’re still friends, in that he scolds me on a regular basis.  Today when I divulged a little nugget to him it was, “Oh god.”

He’s from the South.  A little Southern bell.  Polite, those people.  All except this one.

The other scold today came in the form of this question:  “Are you ever gonna write again?”  So I sent him a link to another blog which will commence on February 13th and have daily entries through April 26th.  He read it.  I got no response until I inquired.

Yeah, I read it.

Good concept?

That is “public” Beth.  I miss the side you show on your personal blog.

You just miss ME.

I do miss you!

It’s almost 10:00, dude.  I’m boxing at 4:30 tomorrow morning.  The race is in 18 days.  Liv is upstairs in my bathroom (renovated hers for her B-day) jamming to One Direction.  I got nothin’ and I need some sleep.  I know you’ll understand because not only do you miss me, you love me!  I promise to write more on this blog and also come visit soon.

Damn, you’re high maintenance.  Friggin’ southerner.

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