I’m old enough that when I see those 3 letters – WWF – the first thing that pops in my mind is an image of Hulk Hogan.  But no longer.  Words With Friends.  I am hooked.

I bucked the iPhone system for as long as humanly possible.  Really.  Never been a fan of mainstream anything and I still loathe when people copy-cat me.  Yes, childish but I don’t care.

So in an effort to stand up against both peer pressure and hypocrisy, my Windows 7 phone and I were just fine for a long time.  Sure it was the size of a personal protection device and looked like an alley cat had made love to it, but that relationship endured until the bitter end.

I’ve always been a Scrabble enthusiast which should not flabbergast anyone in that I am in love with words and use as many as possible at all times.  So imagine the level of awestruck when I found out I could be engaged in a constant battle of word wits throughout the day!  Screw that HGTV Dream House anyway, like I have time to pack or get a second job to pay the property taxes…

Nope, I don’t play WWF with just anyone.  Made the mistake once of accepting a game from a high school classmate who continued to play words like can and fan and ran or the occasional high roller of bran.  Obvious Facebook stalker, found out where I live, and was in the car playing the rhyming game with his kids on their way over.

But I do play recurrently with another high school classmate.  A very competitive one indeed, who just happened to lose earlier today due to “not being able to dump a Q in time.”

The follow-up text exchange (as initiated by said former classmate while I was playing my violin):

Can’t believe I lost to you by default.

Um, sorry…what?  Default schmefault.

Whatever…there will be an asterisk on this win for you…like Bush in 2000!

Hey, maybe Nader had a “u” for your orphaned “q”…

I don’t miss that Windows 7 phone one iota.

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