You know how certain clichés make you roll your eyes, but somehow secretly you love and appreciate them anyway?  I think it’s something similar to how our Moms tell us things, usually ridiculously cliché with regard to an even more cliché life situation, and we instinctively roll our eyes right out of our heads at her.  Our Mother.  The one who in return, is smirking that infamous “I know you think you know everything but I am always right” look.

I love an appreciate those times more than I can express.  Usually when a moment strikes me whereby I can make a correlation which should be incredibly obvious but it’s been oddly elusive, I bust out laughing like a hyena. 

Yeah.  That happened this morning.  At 5:15am.  On an elliptical machine crankin’ at about 276 steps a minute as sweat was flying off of my head so profusely I started looking around for Mary Poppins to float down from the upstairs track to protect others nearby.

I was on the elliptical instead of pounding pavement outside like any normal Wednesday morning for a reason.  But you knew that.  Fine.  I may or may not have taken a little tumble last Friday night in 5″ (super cute) wedges while quasi-chasing something of an even cuter 6’2″ variety. 

No matter.  Details schmetails.  The end result is two-fold:  I could barely walk and some rap song about a limp ensued. 

And even after all that – the spill, the pain, the change in routine, the waiting for complete healing to get back on my feet…I’d fall again. 

Because for the first time in my life, I am actually not running.

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