March 12.
It’s funny, the memories each of us has.  You can take the exact same situation or story and end up with two or three or four different renditions of what really happened, depending on who is recounting the tale. 

Sunday afternoon was beautiful, so I dropped Liv off at her boyfriend’s house and zipped over to my buddy’s to meet him for a run (well, he was on a bike – sissy).  As I was driving, it dawned on me that I’ve not yet met Joe Cool’s Dad, so I say: “Hey, I think I’ll pop in and introduce myself to Ryan’s Dad, sweetie.” 

You would think I just told her we were moving to Alaska where there is an anti-iPhone policy in effect. 

She, after picking up her jaw and un-rolling her eyes, said, “Mom…NO.  Do you even REMEMBER when I was in 8th grade and you were going on a run and …”

Do I remember when I was going on a run 2 years ago?  Oh.  Sure.  I can absolutely remember that run.  The one through the TWILIGHT ZONE neighborhood. 

Anyway, the point is perspective.  I somehow embarrassed her because I was decked out in running attire and actually spoke to one of her teachers that day (to retrieve her cell phone, mind you, that they had “no right” to confiscate.  do do do do do do do do…) 

We all view things differently, including the people in our lives who have had cancer.  We view the people differently, the circumstancesdifferently, and the feelingsdifferently.  But we do NOT view a negative outcome any differently.  On that front, we are united.  It sucks.  It’s unfair.  And it has to stop. 

I posted a video earlier this morning so you guys can all meet Greyson.  Here is the link:

45 Days.

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