In honor of the big day, I’m posting a poem I wrote in February. 3:40. Let’s go.


Running after dreams,
shattered, brand-new
Running to cross the inevitable finish line,
hurting and bruised
Running for the glory only seen and celebrated in reflection

Running from fears, running from pain
Today I will run and I will run without gain
I will run today, with a power to live!
With my love and my pride and my hate
I will not think – the noises and thoughts will my legs overtake

My muscles will pump and the blood will flow through
My joints will ache and my emotions will drain
My heart will pound as broken it cries
But through all of this I will run on, pushing the verge
Knowing that where I’m going is better than where I’ve been

Change, grow, move, shape
My body has limits
But my mind is doing the work
And my mind is strong
Run today, today I run

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