I’m sure you’ve seen by now, but the official Man and Woman of the Year (MWOTY) kick-off gathering was Wednesday evening at Parkview Field.  The other two women candidates and their teams were in attendance, along with the three MOTY candidates and their respective teams. 


I’ve always been a sucker for camaraderie.  Being a part of a team is one of my favorite places to be.  From softball to basketball to track and cross-country, I was always a part of a team growing up.  Perhaps that is another reason I feel so blessed and thankful right now to be a part of a team which is dedicated to working non-stop over the course of these next ten weeks in the race to help fund a cure.

After being approached to run for WOTY and subsequently agreeing after heavy contemplation about all it would entail, I was asked the following question:  “So, who are you going to have on your team?”  I hadn’t given it a second thought since I figured I’d just do it all myself.  I know, save your comments – but in that admission is the first step to solving any kind of problem, I quickly admitted NO WAY can I do this alone.  Not if the goal of $100k is going to be reached.  Not if we’re going to make a difference in an impactful way.  Not if every possible network is going to be exhausted during this race.  I was going to need some serious help.  Cancer takes an army to defeat.   

To say that the outpouring of assistance and participation thus far has been amazing would be a gross understatement. Honestly, even I have no words.  I am going to find them for a future posts though, because the way in which people come together for the greater good is the best feeling in the world and the ultimate definition of camaraderie.

Thank you to my team for EVERYTHING.  Thank you for putting up with me and my endless questions.  Thank you for offering to help with things even before I ask.  Thank you for going outside of your comfort zones.  (What?  22 hours at O’s on St. Patty’s Day won’t be “comfortable?”)

Ok, now that I type this I’m realizing something:  This exactly parallels what cancer patients and their support teams go through.  Endless questions.  Help given before it is requested.  Comfort zones tested and surpassed. 

I’m pretty proud of all this camaraderie.  Soldier on, friends.  We’re in this thing together – no matter what side of the diagnosis we are on.

69 days until the party. 


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