Feed them once, they come back for more.  Give them the tiniest bit of encouragement, eye contact, communication, or something to drink and we’ve got ourselves an instant problem, Houston.  

I constantly waiver between the new nice and patient leaf I’ve convinced myself I turned some time ago, and my old leaf that occasionally shows up unannounced.  At times, I welcome that old friend.  Sure, I feel badly after it arrives, but it does fit like a glove in those moments it’s most needed.  Like for example, when I am working away at my desk and someone walks into my office and wants to chat incessantly about who gives a shit stuff.  Do I look like a water cooler kind of girl?  I know it’s mean.  I know I should care.  And honestly – I probably do, just not right then. 

If I look busy, I am busy.  If I don’t look busy, I’m thinking about what I need to do next which equates to about-to-be-busy.  If I don’t make eye contact with you while you’re hovering over my desk, please leave.  My shoulder cannot magically speak, so are you really happy with looking at it for FIVE straight minutes?

Ok, that’s the old leaf talking.  The newly turned leaf stops what it’s doing and says, “How are you?  Please tell me more.”

Thank god it’s summer and I have a few months before anyone thinks about leaves.

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