February 18.  The goal of MWOTY is not only to raise funding for LLS in the quest to find a cure for blood and other types of cancer, it is also done on behalf of a Boy of the Year and a Girl of the Year.

The women candidates campaign on behalf of the Boy of the Year and vice versa.  Here’s how I met Greyson Snyder:
Initially, I “met” him during a phone conversation with Jen Alia, Campaign Manager, while our roles were reversed as she was selling measking me to campaign this year.  In passing (because it was a quick call), she said “The BOTY is 3 years old and has A.L.L.” 
Ugh.  When we are faced with decisions in our lives of any kind, especially those which resonate so deeply within us for very personal reasons, hearing information like that stirs conflicting emotions.  On the one hand, I was paralyzed with intolerable emotions.  Fear almost.  Could I do this, go back there, seeand meet and get to know a CHILD with leukemia?  I’d avoided these feelings for so long I wasn’t sure.  Selfish, I know – but sometimes when we truly cannot deal with emotions which have a magnitude beyond our comprehension, we flee.  It’s just easier.
Yet on the other hand, I was simultaneously mad and driven to do something.  NO WAY should we still be hearing these kinds of stories.
And man am I thankful for those conflicting emotions.  Otherwise, I would not have met Greyson (Grey) and his family.  Grey is 3 ½ years old and has two YOUNGER sisters, Aubrey & Lainsley.  His parents, Nate and Dana, are the nicest most unassuming couple you’ll ever meet.  A young family, they are in the midst of a situation which they, I’m sure, are struggling to face every day.  Three young children, one of whom has cancer, two full-time jobs, you know…the “American” dream, less the cancer part. 
I love this family.  I’m thankful that we’ve entered each other’s lives in a way which (hopefully) touches the other at just the right time, for just the right reasons.  I know they’ve done that for me.
Grey and his parents were at the kick-off last week.  He went to “the party,” and was one of the stars.  He was running and playing and smiling and high-fiving just as any three year old should be. 
67 Days until the next party, Grey.   Until then, we are working hard for the cause.  Fight on little dude.

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