…is exactly what I said running east down Broad Street at the start of the Columbus Marathon in October 2009.  I know this because my running partner made fun of me after the race.  At lunch, while I was literally curled up in a ball in a booth, we all recapped the 26.2 miles worth of festivities and he said, “We weren’t even .5 miles into it and she was going crazy.”

I wasn’t going crazy.  There was a wall of women walkers locked arm in arm singing to the birds or some shit.  All I wanted to do was get around them.  So I apparently uttered, “Seriously?!” loud enough that they might comprehend and move aside as any considerate non-athlete would do.  They must have, because it was the first time I broke 4 hours in a marathon.

Hopefully Sunday will be the first time I qualify for Boston with a slightly faster – ok, 12 minutes or so faster – finishing time.  I know what needs to be done, I just need to go do it.  Not only so I can get to Beantown next April, but so I can have my life back.

Because I need some serious sleep.

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