April 24.
If I wrote about the feelings I have, as a mother, for Olivia, this post would be a book. Perhaps even a series. Parenting is the best complicated, satisfying, difficult, joyous, tiring, rewarding, most unconditional love of any job. There is nothing that girl could do which would ever cause me to turn my back on her, to stop loving her.

I told you earlier that she was my first thought after finding out I was sick. She was my absolute main thought, my main source of determination, and the reason I almost took out the Pharm-D when he tried to tell me she wouldn’t recognize me after undergoing a transplant.

I share this with you guys not only to say, “Really, jerk face? Think again.” but also to share one last intimate detail of this entire experience so you understand the hope to beat cancer is real. And because selfishly, I am tired and there are no additional words to be written for this picture.

2 more days to go.

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