Just like I have a love-hate relationship with Facebook, I also have one with the daily news.  We’ve all heard the collective woes: reporters suck and the news is a downer.  No one disavows that age-old statement, but wowzers did Ivana disavow her old rape statement against The Donald.

Feeling the puke well up inside my stomach and northbound towards my mouth, I rolled my eyes and begrudgingly clicked the link.  Thanks, CNN.  You never let me down with the headlining teasers.  Now if only the thing about Sarah Palin serving in Trump’s administration happens, it would be a complete dream come true. 

Ex-Wife:  Donald Trump made me feel violated during sex.”  I bet.  I felt violated just from reading the sentence. 

It also made me immediately think of a Netflix favorite in our house: Revenge.  I know.  Trust me, I do.  The whole premise is ridiculous, that I’m watching TV is ridiculous, and it is beyond ridiculous that one show can contemptuously suck you in until you actually want to know what happens next in the lives of fictitious people dwelling in the land of make-believe.  Or in this case, The Hamptons. 

(I always get myself back on track, verbose and ADD as it may be.  Hamptons –>  Kennedys –>  Clintons —> gross violation-laden commander in chiefs –>  and…we’re back.)

Ivana conveniently – or upon hearing “4 billion” slip out in the middle of what I’m sure was a sweet discourse from the lambkin The Donald – disavowed the allegation against her one-time husband and now “best of friend who incidentally would make a great President.”  This was not dissimilar to every episode of Revenge whereby Victoria and Conrad are constantly threatening to expose one another for any of the following: lying, stealing, killing, cheating, blowing up 747’s, faking diseases, selling multi-million dollar pieces of art <egads!> without proper signatures…you get the drift.

I turned to Liv during the last episode, our eyes glued to the scene while one of the above was happening and say: #RichPeopleProblems.  In turn, that got me some semblance of a snicker.  But real people please!  That’s neither here nor there, that’s just #Winning.

Let me confess: the only reason I watch that godforsaken show is because she does.  Alright, fine.  Maybe there is a secondary reason none of us can deny and that is, it makes us instantly feel better about everything going on in our own little lives, a/k/a airport watching-esque. 

But nonetheless, it’s our time together and the only time we have left inside of 3 short weeks before she leaves to start her own adult life…in the real world where there are real people with real problems…Where there are real violators with real hair.

And somehow we’re supposed to be ok with letting our kids do this.

CNN out.  Deck of Cards/On the Throne in.

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