February 19.

You know how when you’re thinking of buying a new car and have a few models in mind, you start to constantly see them on the roads everywhere?  Yeah.  That’s exactly what has been happening so far with this campaign.

I mentioned this already in an earlier post, but even though I knew how prevalent cancer is – I didn’t really know.  Yesterday, in the middle of a Manic Monday (are The Bangles still together?), I received an email from someone with whom I’ve worked the last 17 years.  Didn’t think a thing of it as the email hit my inbox, as I figured he was responding to one of the zillion emails I inundate him with daily.  Until I read it and it said this:

This crusade the two of you embarked on has suddenly become very personal. We just found out last night that Yvonne’s sister Heidi (38, mother of 4) has been diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. While the doctors say her prognosis is good she obviously has a long, tough road ahead. Thank you both very much for your efforts.


I let out a deep sigh and responded with what I could.  The “both” Aaron is referring to is myself and Angela, our VP of Professional Services at work.  We have a high tenure at IOS, and as such, are like family.  Cancer invades our families.  It invades our homes.  It invades strangers. 

Speaking of strangers, I ran a marathon Sunday morning and cried twice.  Once when I finished, and once, at mile 22 when I read this HUGE sign, held high above the others:  “HELLO total stranger, today I am proud of you.”

Even though I couldn’t breathe, I smiled and said to her, “I love your sign!”

And then it hit me as it did again yesterday:  we are NOT strangers.  We are in this walk (or run) of life together.  We are in this fight against cancer together.

Together is the key – together we can make a difference for the greater good.  Seriously.  I believe it with every ounce of my being.

These blog posts are intended to bring about blood cancer awareness, hopefully inspire, and yes – hopefully also move you to donate to this collective cause.  Please consider it this week.  We have 9 left to go.

Thanks, everyone.



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