So it’s officially been 2 weeks since the Cleveland marathon.  I’m happy to report that not once have I looked upon that race with any regret.  Fine, maybe once the typical, “wth happened to you at mile X?!” popped into my mind, but for some strange reason I’ve been super content since then.  In crack-addict fashion, I signed up for the Monumental in Indy on November 3rd.  One.  More.  Time.

Seriously.  Just one more.  (Blogs can be fiction too, people).

Yep!  Back at it.  Worked out at AR a few days after I got home and ran even sooner.  That’s always a good sign of how race ready you were – the recovery period.  Much more accurate than the finishing time, I think.  Maybe I’ll write Boston a letter.

Anywho.  Did a long run yesterday at a pretty good clip with the group.  I’m a much better runner when I don’t think about what I’m doing.  I just go.  And talk.  Until that forces me to realize what’s happening with the wind I’m sucking so then I just listen.  I wish I had the freakish genetic propensity to do like, 3 marathons in 3 weekends.  I actually know someone who did that.  Jury’s still out on him since I beat him in one of those aforementioned races.  He PR’d the second one and then turned right around and PR’d his PR.  Double jerk. 

All kidding aside, it’s runners like that who inspire the rest of us trying-to-be-athletes to do better.  To keep pushing.  To go harder.  And to never give up on whatever our goals may be.  It’s a way of life, and if you ask me (which clearly you do since you’re reading this), it’s a good one.  There are a lot of other ways of life that could be chosen instead.  For example, you could choose not to exercise at all, not to be a productive member of society at all, not to take chances at all, not to learn from mistakes at all.

All of those examples among countless others are totally foreign to me.  Wasteful.  Sissy-ful.  Instead, we ought to be embracing the times in our lives when we did stupid things (Oh…you didn’t?  Now that’s fiction…), dissect them in an introspective manner, and be the best “us’s” we can be.

Pretty sure my best me is sub-3:40.  Like 3:39:59.  Give or take not at all.

I’ve loved Cleveland since I was a little girl.  It’s always given me stories to tell. 

Still do…still does.

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