No, I’m not referring to Depeche Mode, but now that I think about it – maybe.

If I started to list the things which have gone on for me personally in the last 6 weeks, one of two things would happen:  you’d either think someone stole my login to WordPress and is imposter’ing their way through this post – or – your head would spin.

So let’s skip that and instead think about that which has gone on existentially for each of us in the last 6 weeks or longer.  It’s kind of insane, right?  If I see one more Facebook post about politics, laws, rules, regulations, borders, etc. my head is literally going to explode. And I can’t imagine you’re not right there with me. It is exhausting. Disheartening. Terrible. Frustrating. Fill in the blank with the countless adjectives that describe our world at present and it’s a wonder any of us feel like we can find our happy any more.

But if we replace “our world” – which, let’s be honest, we totally blame pretty much one guy with horrendous hair & character for – if we replace thinking about our world at large with our worlds at home or at work or anywhere else, the bottom line is pretty much the same, isn’t it?

Broken, hurting people divided.  Against each other on opposing sides instead of on the same team.

I could interject multitudinous examples here, but I won’t.

You already know.

My heart hurts for people.  All people.  Those who are without a home and those who live in one with bickering, selfish people inside.  Those who are unemployed and those who have great jobs but are so fixed on fortune and fame that they are empty inside.  Those who think it’s wise to build walls and those who disagree but are trapped inside.

As someone whom I respect said yesterday, “Lest we forget, Jesus was a refugee from the Middle East.” No matter the issue, let us also not forget that we are all people on the same human team.

There are always two sides.  Always.  As a salesperson, I am selling to prospects and customers.  My side selling; their side buying.  As a Browns fan, I am on the other side of winning (ever).  As a wife, I am the other side to my husband.  As a mom, the other side to my daughter.  As a Christian, the other side to non-Christians.

As a whatever…there is always someone else standing on the other side…who is hurting from the chaos of their own worlds just as much you are yours.

So be nice.  Love well.  Be better.

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