I am realizing, no – I am admitting – that most of my posts either recount stories about something which recently occurred, or they recount stories which happened way, way back down memory lane.

This is a problem.  Is this a problem?  This is a problem.  Is this…

Either way.  I’m not going to spend $100 bucks on therapy to find out.  Nor am I going to continue to write about my past.  At least not as much.

I vow, henceforth, to primarily write about things which I’m looking forward to.  To write about things which I ponder, struggle with, reflect upon, plan to fix, avoid.  And yes…to talk about the elephant in this room of a blog.

Within Me

My story begins, revolving around a boy;
perhaps a man – a very great man,
who talks in circles or not at all but speaks the truth

The truth in lies but truth nonetheless;
for what is it Emerson said which we ignore?
he’s lied behind and before but now no more.

My story continues, revolving around lists;
perhaps the planned path and decided journey,
playing by rules, conspiring the escape

My story can’t end, it won’t end here;
because behind every line is a lesson yet to learn,
by the final curtain call, I truly forgot how it was like to love.

You know.  Something like that.  Maybe even sprinkled with a numbering system of traits.  Or qualities.  Or a wish list from time to time.  Just something different.  I need different.

Yeah. I’ll think I’ll go forth it.

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