After I got back from the last 5 mile run before Saturday’s race, I flipped on the outside lights.  Hair wrapped in a towel, boxer shorts and tank top a sportin’, I shuffled across the front hallway only to be startled by zombies and a way too young fireman at my front door.

What the hell?  Isn’t it raining out?  Isn’t it fast approaching the 8:00 shut-this-thing-down-time?  I had half a bag of Sour Patch Kids and 2 bars of dark chocolate in the pantry, candy-wise, to my name, and the dark chocolate is off limits.  I’d grab that first if this place caught on fire.  Is the term “Scrooge” being juxtaposed as I write this?

Liv and I – standing with my wet hair like a live mannequin on display – were communicating through makeshift sign language as if we were sweeping the house for intruders. This, in turn, eventually caused the pint-sized Kurt Russell and clan to give up on our candy-free abode.  Thank goodness.  And to think all I really wanted to do this Halloween was dress up like a cougar.

Tomorrow is November.  Even though Fall officially started in September, I’ve only ever considered Fall to be here when it feels like it.  So, welcome my favorite season.  I feel you alright.  It’s been way too long.  Your smell, your aura, your crisp breath of fresh air, and your ability to make me want to stay under the covers all morning until the piping fresh coffee hits my lips…

My little sister (as in the one who is four inches taller) text me earlier in the week and wanted to know what is on my Christmas list this year.  What a loaded question, I thought.  Asking me what I need makes me as silent as a Tibetan monk contemplating how he should style his hair. 

“Well, I could use a dust buster.”

“WTF, are you our mother?  Give me something better than that.”

I couldn’t.  I can’t.  I don’t need anything.  Well, other than wine.  I could always use some Riesling. 

Christmas came early for me this year anyway.  Or maybe my surprise 40th present came a little late.  Either way, it arrived and has been the best gift ever so far.

No more refraining, and no more trick-or-treaters dressed up like fireman walkin’ in the cold (almost) November rain.  Only cougars sitting in front of fires looking outside at the snow.

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