One of my friends told me in a not so polite manner that this blog appears in his start up each morning when he arrives to work.  Now mind you, my guilt when a new blog does not appear for His Highness is tempered by the fact I’m still not entirely convinced he actually “works.”  That aside – I have one thing to say before I head out for a week long conference.

Yesterday we started a 21 week series on the book of Colossians.  I’m very excited about this study.  It is not a story, as so many books of the Bible are and as we all have come to expect and resonate with as we go about our daily lives.  Instead, Paul wrote this book (along with others) while he was imprisoned; this book was actually a letter to the people of Colossae, whom he had not yet even met.

I wish I could have known Paul back in the day.  Actually, I wish I could meet a Paul-ish guy in this day.  He was physically tough, sound-minded, right hearted, and experienced things that most of us won’t even come close to even thinking about. 

Mostly, I just really like the guy for writing.  He was a prisoner so he couldn’t do anything, per se, so he did what he was capable of doing in that moment – he wrote.  Exquisitely.  Passionately.  How cool it is that we can read through, learning about times in history and yet, be able to apply the lessons to our current day.  I wonder if it ever dawned on Paul as he was going through the situations, as he was being taught by Jesus, as he was living

I’d LOVE to do that.  Write – hand-write – letters daily for someone else to find someday.  They’d definitely think I wrote them from an insane asylum but that’s ok.  I have a lot to say.  I have a lot that swirls in my head which I’ve not yet even begun to blog about.

What I could write would make for a good story, that’s for sure.  Stuff no one knows about – well, maybe the guy who has time to know since he never works, but not the masses.  Man, the new shades of grey that would come of it, not to mention the new number for infinity, would be truly astounding.

Hmm.  One more thing to think about.

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