Now I’m thinking about Muse; I love their song Madness.

(Digressing even before I get to the topic de jour, wonder if that’s a first…ah, never mind.)

Just walked in the door from a fast and snowy 6 miles.  We pushed.  And then pushed some more.  The guys I ran with this morning are faster than I’ve ever been.  Which is good for someone on a mission to qualify for Boston in just 13 short days.  So I didn’t even mind when one of them screamed, “This is what you came for, baby!  Pick it up!  This is mile 25!”

Any other day I would have thought of ways to get back to our cars first and let the air out of his tires.  But today – today I was thankful for the effort.  And the snow.  And the friendships which push me to be better.

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