Yesterday I awoke in a slight panicky mist.  May 1st.  Uh-oh.  It’s May.  May is here!

Less than three weeks and I’ll be lining up in downtown Cleveland.  The place I used to go when I was a little girl to watch my beloved Tribe play baseball.  The place I used to (and still do) proudly display on jerseys, T-shirts, and hats.  Browns, Cavs, Indians.  It’s the place Chels and I used to drive, like Thelma and Louise, when we’d skip school.  Hello?  Tower City Mall?  Yes, we are on our way.  We’ll smell the perfumes in Neiman’s and give a shout out to Chemistry. 

It’s the city in which she and I had dinner and drinks before flying out the next morning to go on a Carnival Cruise four months after Liv was born.  The city I’m hopefully going to rock and roll through on May 20th – remembering along the way that it is also the exact same place I spent 35 days in a hospital going through a healing process.

Ah, the process.  Isn’t everything a process?  This marathon training has been a 5 month process.  It will have a conclusion (hence, the slight panicky mist).  Boston or not.  The sales process.  Sold or not.  The relational process.  Solid relationship or not.  The parenting process.  A productive kid or a tat-bearing delinquent who decorates the basement till their late 40’s.  The life process.  Lots of ways that one can go, isn’t there?

Life goes on all around us whether we choose to actively participate or not.  As this morning’s dense fog begins to lift, I see van Gogh-like irises staring right back at me.  Looking at me as if to say, “Yep…here I am again.  Like perennial clockwork.”  Sure they’re dormant for a season, but then up they come, reminding us that we love sweet smells, beautiful colors, and the anticipation of summer warmth.

Later April showers.  Time to enjoy this month!

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