And I’m not talking about my once in awhile “elephant in the room” love, I’m talking about true love.  The kind we can only find one place.

So it’s Sunday morning – 8 days after my left foot told me I am on hiatus.  Funny how God uses not only unlikely people but our broken bones, too.  Apparently it is time for me to slow down, re-focus on Him, and rejoice in all that is around me instead of trying to zip past it at an 8:20 pace.

I’m sitting on my back deck drinking coffee, listening to Mercy Me, and watching this beautiful sun rise through the overgrown trees in my back yard.  His timing again.  Immediately after I begin to write this entry, I do my usual mind wandering, multi-tasking thing.  That deficiency (or, high-functioning ability) usually leads me to Facebook which is another post altogether.  And it is there that I read an article.  One that apologizes to non-believers on behalf of us.  The believers that sure as heck aren’t living like it.

Like I do well with criticism.

But it could not be more true.  Not only do I see it everywhere I look, I see it when I try with all my might not to look at myself.  Even worse, I feel it when I try not to discuss this, or the myriad of other faults, flaws, and sins with God.  I try to outrun Him instead.  He and my left foot are laughing in irony.  One more reason I love my God – His comedic timing is excellent. 

Most days, I don’t even stop to consider what I’m running towards.  Some other self-imposed goal is usually the answer.  Once in awhile when I reach it, do I stop and give thanks, change my inner self, or keep my new nice and appreciative leaf turned over?  Stupidly and sadly, almost as an affront to God, I just set another one. 

Happily however, our God is big enough to save us from not only the macro, but our nagging micros as well.  He meets us – these delicate works in progress – exactly where it is that we need to be met.  He is light; and His light shines on us, in us, and through us depending on what it is we’re going through in this journey of life.

My favorite quote in the article I just read is as follows:  “This is why the triumph over the cross was a triumph over everything ugly we do to ourselves and to others.  It is the final promise that love wins.”  This morning, I am giving thanks and praise for that promise, and for being made fearfully and wonderfully (Ps. 139:14).  There is nothing but hope for those of us who are, and have always been, simultaneously fragile and solid.

Broken feet, broken hearts, broken souls – we are never down and out.  We must always get back up, fight the good fight, and finish this race well.  While watching laps around a track, I was reminded just how strong people are; yet, with one wrong move, they and their “worldly” goals go down.

We must not look like Morgan Uceny in our own Olympics, for my faith allows me to know with certainty that the medals we’ll receive in eternity someday are way better than the ones we keep trying to chase here anyway.

Now, if there are Boston Marathon jackets in Heaven that is totally another story.

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