March 3.
In this momentous quest to attain $100k for LLS, I’ve asked fellow reps at IOS to inquire with their contacts for contributions.  There is seriously no doing this alone, so I ask everyone to donate as you all well know by now (yes, you’re welcome Mr. Non-Exempt reading this).

Friday afternoon, the below email was forwarded to me from my co-hort, Elsy, who works near the LaPorte/Valparaiso area:



Thank you for sending Beth’s story my way.  It has special meaning to me for reasons very few know about.  I spent the last 5 months or so being tested for what appeared to be some form of a blood cancer.  What started off as a complaint over fatigue and inability to sleep (something I’d normally associated with “burn-out” or stress), later generated test result which indicated anomalies in my blood counts.  Needless to say, one test lead to another and so on, and so on…
I was recently cleared of the threat of cancer as my blood counts slowly retreated to what would otherwise be considered “within normal levels”.


I’d love to hook up with you and Beth in Chicago.  That would be great.  I am continuously inspired by individuals who encounter health challenges along their journey and fight to regain it.  I’m more inspired by the effects those who are cursed/blessed with illnesses have on those of us who should be thankful for having the good fortune of good health. 

As you know, my loyalties and focus is on SickKids but I never shy away from helping whenever or wherever I can.  I will gladly pass along Beth’s story to many of my colleagues who share my perspective and are always willing to help. 

Keep well, speak soon of good things, and please relay my most sincere best wishes to Beth and those near to her.


Now, I don’t know Joseph but I like him.  Neither did I know what kind of cancer I actually had when my Doctor called with the news or what the future held for me after the diagnosis.  But guess what?  None of us know.  And that’s both the beauty of this life and the fear which we sometimes go through as we live it. 

What I do know with unwavering certainty is that I am unbelievably grateful for everything which is happening as part of this campaign, and realizing beyond a shadow of a doubt where it is coming from.     I’m thankful for solid friends – both old and new.  I’m thankful to have met Greyson and his entire family.  And I’m thankful that we all have opportunities in this life to come together and make a difference.  

Come together at the Gala on April 26th!  It’s 54 days from now.  You can purchase tickets on this page and get all dolled up for a fantastic cause.  Really?  How can you say no?  I’m thankful I didn’t.

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Your request has been made, be on the lookout for an email from Beth!

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