Today is the day Mothers everywhere are celebrated.  I’ve already received my first text and I am about to go to church where I’ve already prepared for crying.  No eye make-up can be worn on Mother’s Day.

Today is the day I remember on an even deeper level just how blessed I am.  I have a Mom and a Daughter that I could not possibly love any more than I do.

Today is the day I recognize and appreciate the innumerable things my Mom has given up for me, and value that she knew me first – before life and all its innocence-stealing occurred.

Today is the day I feel bonded and connected to an entire Mothering community; one in which we all tip our hats to each another and acknowledge the sometimes thankless job it is.  We acknowledge the heartbreak, the frustration, the exhaustion, the joy, and the utter willingness to do it all over again.  And we reluctantly acknowledge that when the day comes when our children will no longer be under our roofs, those wings we gave them to fly will work.  Through mascara-free tear-filled eyes we will watch them soar, with trembling smiles on our faces.

Today all kids – young and old alike – will say only nice things about their Mothers.  They will talk to their Mothers. They will be with their Mothers.   Some will miss their Mothers and Grandmothers alike. They will respect the circle of life and all its underrated serenity.

On this day, I both celebrate and am celebrated.  On this day, I will listen as Liv talks with me more than usual, allows me (maybe) to hug her, and will sit next to me for at least 90 minutes eating pizza and watching a movie as per yearly ritual. 

And on this day, I will look at her and pause –  remembering that a sickness which threatened to prematurely annul my role as a Mom almost made me miss the best job I will always love.  Then I’ll hug her a little tighter  – even if she does the teenage squirm shuffle.

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The one I celebrate and the one who celebrates me (I know it)

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