How does going outside your comfort zone, your people group, your own church, and your zip code reshape your relationship with God?

Erika Mariglia grew up in the church, so the topic of God was never unfamiliar to her. However, she is a woman who always challenged the status quo, wanting to know more, see more, and do more. Erika spent her 20’s on the mission field in Honduras, and says that is where so much of her changed view of God, religion, and even spiritual abuse came about. Additionally, she is a woman who understands the value and importance of diversity, having been changed through her proximity to different people groups – whether gang members, the homeless population, women who have been prostituted, or those in jail. 

When asked who she is, Erika says, “I am ministry-driven, and with that I have grown to see the good, the bad, and the ugly within ministry life. This has driven me to love the topic of healthy leadership and ministry and what that looks like fleshed out.”

Join us for an incredibly raw look at how being exposed to things in life that you were not prepared for can lead you to a much more intimate and authentic relationship with God.

Quotes & Remorseless Reminders from this episode:

► “When you have nothing, you worship differently. You learn to depend completely on God.”

► “A stranger is just a stranger until you become friends”

► “Healthy ministry and healthy leadership has to happen in order for people to be whole”

► “If you’re broken, you’re broken…come experience church!”

► “Reining me in, then pushing me away…reining me in, then pushing me away…over and over with that cycle. And when that happens, it causes you to rise up.”

► “Healthy boundaries are not everywhere and that leads to an issue of control”

► “I had no idea I had PTSD and trauma after witnessing death.”

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