I know.  I know I said several posts ago that it was my “One and Only Political Rant,” but call me Obama-like with my promise.

This won’t take long.  That, I promise.  I simply want to say the following, in Romney-like fashion:

NUMBER ONE:  I loved it.
NUMBER TWO:  Who knew Mitt had that in him other than not Michelle?
NUMBER THREE:  I loved it.

Favorite line of the night?
“I’ve been in business 25 years and have no idea what you’re talking about.”

Neither do we.

Favorite one of many things Mr. President said which he knows nothing about?:
 “…when people go to The Cleveland Clinic for preventative visits…” 

Unless they’ve opened a RediMed in The Clinic’s lobby that I’ve not yet heard about, um…no, Barack.  They don’t go there for that.

Don’t pretend you know and love our swinging Buckeyes unless you actually do.  Jack ass.

And for the record sir, it’s too late to run there complaining of a (Simpson) Bowle issue.

This diagnosis just may be curable after all.

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