Still can’t compose all my Nicaragua thoughts so I continue to divert.  Instead, allow me to tell you about my recent cleaning efforts.

I used to go crazy with the cleaning.  Think bleach sticks in my back pocket, rubber gloves, buckets, and Lysol wipes in every room.  However, happily I have eased up on all that nonsense, hired Sara to clean monthly, and spend my time doing other things.  Like not picking up sticks, limbs, or trees in my yard.

I’m on a mission to downsize ASAP.  Want to move sometime in the next few years, so this is a must.  Now I knew I had a lot of stuff – stuff being synonomous with crap – but I had no idea what was…ahem…left behind.

You know how when you’re in the midst of something you can’t necessarily see what the heck is happening before your very eyes?  You just kind of walk around numb, all Eyes Wide Shut-ish, trying to pretend the situation is definitely NOT happening?  Yeah.  I’m sure that is exactly why I have so much useless shit left over.

In no particular order:  a bowling ball, table saw, 3 radar detectors, enough bear trinkets to put my address on another DNR list, a camo filing cabinet, some ground blind netting (I think…it also may have been an aid in my future planned demise), suitcases, computers, 1930’s sewing maching, 6 boat compasses, a super sweet hand-painted (bears, duh) saw, and plenty of pictures of me.

All in my garage as I type.

Friday and Saturday cannot get here soon enough.  The good news is, I’m sure most of this junk will sell.  The bad news is…I have to see the kind of people who are interested in buying it.

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