April 10.

As I was checking emails after vacation, I saw one from Jen with updates on the campaign and another line which read: 

Please keep Greyson in your thoughts & prayers this week, he’s been under the weather and has had to make daily visits to the clinic for IV antibiotics and blood counts.  I’ll keep you posted or feel free to send his mom Dana an email if you’d like. 

Just that little blurb made my stomach sink for a quick second.  Many things about this campaign are happy, upbeat, crazy, fun, etc…but, there are times like this when we are instantly reminded just how fragile this little guy still is.  And just how fragile everyone going through cancer still is. 

Another email read: 

Hi. I want to thank you for your donation to the PMP fundraiser and for running the 5K. Tracy tells me you qualified for Boston. Congratulations! I see also from your note that you are a cancer survivor and that gives me hope for my running future. From where I am right now it feels like I will never be able to run again but I won’t give up trying once my recovery is complete. As of now just a walk around the block wears me out. Hearing from people like you who have beat their cancer and returned to their active lives is so encouraging.
Good luck in Boston and thanks again for your support.

This woman is in the midst of so much right now yet, she has the time to send thanks and keep her head up in the middle of what I’m certain is pretty grueling. 

There’s not much more to add here other than I ask that you would please say a quick prayer for both Greyson and Sue and any/all others you know who are battling this ugly disease.  We are trying to better their circumstances and those of many, many more.

One day we will win.  It’s coming.  Mark their words. 

(P.S.  Per Dana, Grey is doing better than last week!) 

16 Days to go.

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