Work has been insane. 

Not the usual self-induced insane, mind you, but the kind where I just need to stop. 
Slow down 
Not kill any co-workers in my office
(not even that one)

What day is it?  Wednesday?  Right now I’m drinking Seattle’s Best decaf coffee, as warm drinks calm me down.  Coffee reminds me of my Grandma Mar.  I miss my Grandma’s.  At exactly 9:00pm, I have to go retrieve Liv and Mariam from Yo-Yo’s where they are “just chillin, Mom” with two boys and a slew of other teenagers. 

Seattle’s Best.  Yeah.  I know someone who lives in Seattle thanks to evil social networking.  Don’t like her.  Never met her, but she annoys the crap out of me.  I’m sure she’s extremely nice and all, but the woman “hearts” every stinking picture my buddy – fine, our buddy – throws up on FaceBook or Instagram.  Does she really love every one?  E-v-e-r-y single one?  Please.  I’d like to put a picture of Saran Wrap out there and see if she hearts hugs kisses x’s and o’s that. 

Anyway, work.  Clearly it is work which has me totally crabby at 8:38pm on a Wednesday evening.  I’ve been training a new hire the last two days.  Somehow, I always get stuck with them.  Only I like this one.  Smart.  Personable.  Go-getter.  My (doesn’t know ‘lil miss Seattle clinger) buddy Yaves is friends with her husband, so she came to us through that channel.

Today Elsy had to sit next to me in my office all day while I did my thing.  Non-stop calls, SalesForce, tracking, prospecting, new sales, old sales, customer service situations, in-depth conversations with customers about their families, their solutions, their needs. 

On and on I talked, mentored, advised, and answered.  Trust me – I know this sounds only slightly above Wal-Mart greeter in terms of grueling, but I would have rather been schlepping trash in those little flippy things with the matching whisk broom at an Amusement Park all day.  Ok maybe not, but I’m still utterly wiped out from the whole thing.  Tried to run the scheduled 6 miles at the Y a while ago and that even kind of sucked. 

The highlight of my day was this:

As Elsy was sitting in my office, studiously taking copious notes, in walks our HR Director:

HRUm, Elsy, I don’t mean to sound, you know, like, well, I don’t know how to, like, so here’s why I’m asking…
Elsy:  [Mirroring my look and patience level]

HRSo I have to fill out this EEOC thing, well I don’t HAVE to but I like to, and I don’t want to guess wrong or anything so, um, what is your, what are you, – are you from Canada?
Elsy:  [Very professionally]:  By nationality, yes.  My citizenship is from Canada.  Are you asking my ethnicity?
HRWell, um, only if you want to, I mean…

Me:  I think she dated Tiger Woods back in the day, but I don’t want to confuse you.

Elsy:  My parents are both from El Salvador.
HR:   Oh good, I was going to guess Korean!

Me:  [Dialing the phone]:  Yes, is Col. Potter available?

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