At long last, an introduction to what you’ve all been waiting and asking for: the lowdown on all the hard life lessons I’ve learned from all the mistakes I’ve made. The stories. The “you can’t make this stuff up” behind the scenes from my actual life. The “seriously, he burped his cat and wore a Superman mask on not-Halloween?”* 

This is where you can finally get the dirt. The direction. And the cheap entertainment. I’m here for you. Because honestly—I kid because I care. If I can help just ONE person avoid the pitfalls, mistakes, and hardships I’ve endured because NOBODY TOLD ME ABOUT THIS STUFF, then that is what I shall do. Every week, right here.

In closing, may I remind you of the show copy below taken from the very first Pilot episode of Remorseless. And may I also remind you: thou shall not judge, you planky-eyed MF’rs. Wherein “MF” = “My Friends,” of course. I mean come on . . . Who do you think I am?

*some teeny story details might be changed to protect the innocent. (As in, me.) (The one who loves parentheses.) 

Welcome to the Remorseless Podcast PILOT (which means, hold on tight), a place filled with straight-up tools, sarcasm, and inspirational stories designed to help you get through normal, messed up, everyday life. Oh, and depending on my mood, all while learning how to read the Bible and not feel like a no-good terrible sinner loser afterward. 

I care about BEING WHO YOU WERE CREATED TO BE and not getting stuck and/or succumbing to some other person’s (i.e. the last person you dated…or married) moronic “advice.” I care about making better life decisions. I care about where people came from (unless it’s boring). I care about SHOWING UP along our journeys and taking action. I care about being a good parent, partner, friend, employee, and HUMAN. And so should you.

Join me and my bevvy of entertaining guests as we laugh, learn, and share stories about all things under the heading of, “Seriously? You can’t make this stuff up.”

(Kinda like I say to my producer @Matthew Grzybowski every time…some or most of that might need BLEEP’d…)

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