I helped Liv write a few essays for her English class in 2013.  Mind you, this was after meeting her teacher during Parent-Teacher conferences back in October and coming to the immediate conclusion that he may or may not be aware of a guy named Shakespeare.  (All I could think of when I met him was butter:  Country Crock->Blue Bonnet–>Sonnet.  I have no idea how I got there either, but the dude made me crazy and has no business teaching English.) 

So, it was on.  And by “on” I mean that when Liv asked me to help her write an essay on MacBeth, I was all in.  Should-Be-Teaching-Gym-Class-Instead was going to give me 100% and some extra credit just because. 

Prior to that assignment, I also completed another whereby I was told asked nicely to compare and contrast two medieval novels. 

“I’ve only read one, Liv, so there’s no way,” I adamantly explained.

“That’s ok, I haven’t read either,” she said with an Honors English smirk.

There are other moments in 2013 which also left me speechless.  In fact, some of these moments are far too personal to write about, not for the mere reason of oversharing, but rather for fear of unintentional injustice.  Sometimes, there are simply no words which convey the level of emotion, appreciation, and pause that life has a way of beautifully intertwining into the mundane and expected.

Sometimes, the exciting and unexpected hit you like a ton of bricks.  And take down that carefully constructed wall made of jade.

Thank you, 2013.  It happened when I least expected it.

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