Walking into Absolute Results yesterday, even I had a moment where I wondered what’s wrong with me.  I’m still hobbling around somewhat – legs, back, and other annoyances are all good to go, but this tendinitis in my heel thing is not.  That will take more time, more patience, and more adjustments.  So when co-workers asked yesterday when I was planning to run again and I answered, “3 hours ago,” they collectively rolled their eyes.  Non-runners.

Let the record show I should probably not have run and they may have had reason to ridicule.  I wasn’t exactly fast out there.  The “rule” is after a race, you are supposed to take as many days off as miles you completed.  Does the genius originator of that rule realize that’s almost an entire month?  Non-runner.

Not only did I get through 5 miles yesterday morning, at 5:00pm Liv and I went to see Evan.  I love that place.  Although yes, as I was yanking my hair up into its Pebbles position, I was having the standard conversation (battle) in my head.  But those two shut up quickly once I gingerly stepped on to the elliptical.  After a few rough steps, I found 250 of them per minute again.  Didn’t you just run a marathon?  “Yeah.  But that was 4 days ago.”  Non-runner.

Yesterday’s workout was intense.  I requested we step it up, and step it up we did.  After lifting heavier weights than usual for many more reps than usual, after “do as many on your toes push-ups before 40 on your knees,” after “take those 5’s and press them above your head for 60″…I put on gloves.  Not my favorite blue boxing gloves either.  A pair of black jersey you-could-garden-in-these gloves.  I didn’t ask, I just followed him outside where I moved an earth mover tire.  10 times in a row x 2 sets. 

I got into a low squat position, put my jersey-gloved hands underneath, exploded up and tossed that sucker over like the (former) Governator was watching.  I LOVED IT!  I guess it was mostly because there was a boot camp class standing outside as well, and they weren’t doing much other than giving me strange looks as I was sweating and grunting and smiling.  I suppose I also loved it because it was something new.  Another challenge.  Another step on the road to Boston.

Evan could tell.  He knows me well enough by now to not give me the woes me “you should be proud of yourself for just completing it in that heat” speech.  It’s not that I don’t appreciate it, believe it, realize it, or accept it – I do.  It’s just that I am a runner.

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