April 19.

We are officially one week away from the end of the campaign!  These last 9 weeks have felt as if they’ve both flown by and lasted forever.  I imagine that is exactly how it will feel next Friday night after the gala – bittersweet. 
This week has reminded me that life is fragile, moments are fleeting, and time is incredibly short.  To see people come together in the face of adversity is empowering; to see people suffer is gut wrenching.  Yet, such is life; such are ourlives.  The peaks, the valleys, the good days and bad – we all have them.  It’s this beautiful reciprocal arrangement, if we let it be.
On Wednesday, someone asked me if I was still going to Boston next year.  I wasn’t ready for that question, but I didn’t even have to think about the answer – it just came spewing out of my mouth (ok yeah, like everything else).   I replied, “Not only am I going, I’m going to run harder and faster than ever.”  It might not be everyone’s response, but I know no different.  I know only that I refuse to let any negative person, negative event, or negative situation win.  And the only way to do that is to get back in that ring and keep on fighting – just like Greyson and so many others are doing on this very day when they wake up.
Thank you to the anonymous donor this week.  Thank you to Jen who is busting her tail getting everything ready for the gala next week.  Thank you to my teammates who are prematurely celebrating the anticipation of infinitely fewer emails from me very soon!  And finally, thank you to the husband of an incredible woman fighting her own fight right now who donated this week with the following message included:
Beth, my name is (omitted) and I am “her” husband. As a new member to the “my spouse has cancer” club, a sad/mad runner thinking of Boston, a NMDP fundraiser/registrant, and a firm believer in “paying forward” and RFP..Relentless Forward Progress..wanted to say thanks and do something positive on this day. Have enjoyed reading your blog of Hope. Best (omitted name).
That message meant a great deal to me, as has EVERYTHING you all have been doing.  So it’s with many thanks I am happy to report the Fort Wayne total, one week out from the conclusion of our fundraising efforts is:

7 Days.  One week.  It’s almost here.


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