Is it Friday already?  For about the past year, every week has seemed like I wake up on Monday morning, blink and it’s Friday.  This week there wasn’t even time for blinking…

Tuesday morning I taped a segment on the Dan and Dude morning show on K105.  Yes, that is a Country station so if that doesn’t sum up my commitment, I don’t know what will.  It was fun; they were cool; I still hate all things Country music unless we can count Taylor Swift’s We are Never Getting Back Together.  I digress…
Tuesday afternoon we shot the commercial at Lucky Harley-Davidson for the ride on the 16th.  It started snowing that day too; just like it did the last time we tried to shoot it and had to cancel.  But alas, we all made it there safely and Grey had a blast!  He ran through the shop, checked out all the bikes, hopped up on one his size – the kind that takes pennies and does not require a helmet – and was the star of the show!  The commercial will air next week on the local stations beginning (I think) on Wednesday.  C’mon, snow, melt like my teenage heart did when I first saw Leif Garrett so we can ride and raise a ton of money for the cause…
Yesterday was Grey’s 4th Birthday.  Happy Birthday, buddy!  Here’s to many more…
FORT WAYNE total as we head into week 4:  $39,785
I continue to be amazed as I watch and give thanks for donations as they arrive daily.  Even though I much prefer Alice Cooper over Kenny Chesney, I don’t want to look like Alice right now so I’ll save the emotional thank you’s for later… 
$100k is A LOT OF MONEY to raise in ten weeks, but it will go towards doing A LOT OF GREAT THINGS.  There’s no giving up.  We have a little over six weeks to go.  Just like Dude said Tuesday morning on my way out the K105 door as he patted me on the shoulder:  Keep on keepin’ on!” 
We’re doing this thing.

49 Days to go.


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