This week marked the half-way point of the entire campaign.  Jen warned us it would come quickly; what an understatement.

 I am happy to report that I’m fully recovered from Sunday.  And it only took me 5 days.  Nice.
Tonight is our last fundraiser for the month at Peter Franklin Jewelers on Dupont Rd.  I’m pretty excited for it, as there will be friends in attendance whom I haven’t seen in forever.  We are long overdue for some laughs.  Pretty sure all I’ll have to do is recount one or two stories from O’s and they will look at me with their usual, “You cannot make this stuff up” faces to which I will respond with,“You guys aren’t new, are you?”
Liv will be helping this evening along with Stacy’s daughter, Sydney.  Hmm.  Two teenage girls in a jewelry store.  Call me quick, but it’s possible part of my personal donation to the campaign might happen tonight.
As a reminder, the Fort Wayne goal between the six of us is $175,000.  To date, we have raised…

So…we march on in this quest to get money into the researcher’s hands so they in turn can Get.Rid.Of.Cancer. 
Woo-hoo!  I like that goal the best.
Thank you again to all of you for continuing to read this blog, for your support, and for your very generous donations to date.   We ARE making a difference together.










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