…And so it begins.  The fundraisers! 

This week has been nothing but preparation for the weekend.  We will be at Lucky Harley-Davidson tomorrow beginning at 10am.  The ride starts at noon.  Scott called me today and sounded like he was surrounded by candy instead of Fat Boys!  Apparently over 4,900 views were logged for our commercial, 54 Chapters have contacted him, 10 local restaurants have offered to donate for the Soup Sampler, 3 stylists will be onsite to shave heads in support of LLS, AND…riders from Decatur will be on their way up bright and early – one sporting Greyson’s side car!
Sometime later, after we got done raising our voices at each other in excitement, I received a text from Scotty which read:  We just got $100 bill donated & the man would not give his name!”  Thank you, mystery man.  And thank you, Scott for ALL you have done to make this weekend successful.  We are looking very forward to the entire day!
Sunday:   Party on, Wayne.  Party on, Garth.  No camera, no admissions, no worries.  When it’s all for a fantastic cause…what happens at O’s, stays at O’s.  Period.  End of story.  (And there will be NO stories, people!  None!  Never you mind the St. Patty’s Day apparel…never.you.mind.)
FORT WAYNE total as we head into week 5:  $46,875!!
Let me say that again…as we head into WEEK 5!  Yes, for those of you who are quick at math that does in fact mean we are HALF WAY through this entire campaign.  Only 5 weeks remaining to hit our $100k goal.   You can see by the above number for the six of us that it’s gonna take the proverbial village to reach it by April 26th.  But I’m not stopping until we do.  There’s no turning back now. 
Thank you to everyone who has donated.  I truly appreciate it as well as the continued support in many other ways you have been providing.  It keeps me going.
Slainte!  Wish me luck.

42 Days.





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