The commercial shoot was cancelled Tuesday due to weather.  It’s been rescheduled for next Friday.  We’re really looking forward to doing that at the Lucky Harley-Davidson shop to promote the ride on the 16th.  I stopped in there this week to check in and say hello to everyone.  They are great.  Truly, I cannot say enough about the phenomenal support they are showing me and LLS.  Thanks, guys – see you Sunday at the HOG Chapter Meeting (I love saying that).

Tonight, Angela, Stacy, Billy, and Travis are all coming over so we can organize the auction items, prepare for the fun-fest which will be O’s on St. Patty’s Day (yikes), and catch up in general.  And what I mean by that is eat sushi, drink not water, and take a breath.

This is the best hard work I’ve ever done.

FORT WAYNE total between the six of us as we enter week 3:  $28,175!

57 Days.  Rock on.

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