One of my best buddies told me, after sending him the below list, that boredom has full onset.  Not necessarily.  I am working by tail off from home.  I just like lists.  And, I like a little empathy when I have pneumonia.

10.  Being the one in the Dr.’s waiting room receiving the dirty looks instead of giving them is way more refreshing than the collective airflow.

9.  Shallow sighing at people is not nearly as fun as full sighing at people.

8.  The dog doesn’t sleep all day nor have a bladder the size of Texas?

7.  Skipping 2 high-mileage weeks 41 days before the marathon won’t be a problem at all.  Fresh legs. 

6.  The number of ways in which to wear nasty unwashed hair in a pony-tail is virtually endless.

5.  Edy’s may be “slow churned,” but when your throat and lungs are on fire, it most certainly does not have to be consumed in that manner.

4.  Wearing sunglasses inside your own home to avoid the light makes you feel like a Kardashian.  And no matter how bad one may look at that given moment, they’ll still be smarter.

3.  Saying “Why yes, more soup, a gallon of milk, the mail, and gas in my car if you don’t mind” has a certain ring to it.  My standard guilt has also been temporarily sidelined.

2.  Who knew Erica Kane is finally off the air?

1.  Running 7 miles with pneumonia is nothing if not helpful come race day.  (Oops.  Pre-diagnosis).



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