For those of you my age or older, you will likely understand the title of
this post. For those of you who are younger or perhaps don’t share the
same taste in music, Jim Morrison died a long time ago. And as they say, 
time heals all wounds.

Except when it doesn’t.

However, with the passage of time comes two eventual things: change
and understanding.

I continue to believe with all my being that we each know who we truly are from a very young age, but societal constructs (read: labels,
expectations, and assumptions) throw us off course…including and
especially during times of adversity.

The shelves were somewhat replenished when I ventured to the grocery
store yesterday. COVID-19 has most people believing the next sighting they’ll see will either be Jesus or a zombie, rather than just some suspect
stranger coughing.

Vitamin C? Gone.
Clorox wipes? Ha – not even close.
Emergen-C? Nope.

These were actual items I had written on a sticky note nine days ago,
before Liv and I went on a long-planned celebratory vacation. I wrote
them down because they are things I always buy. They are things I always use. They are items reflective of me and how I operate.

When circumstances and situations in our lives change… we understand what we’ve always known to be true.

I can’t help but wonder if this is exactly what happens at the end of our
lives. Have you ever witnessed a love one getting ready to pass? All the years of avoiding or disregarding God out of fear, anger, remorse,
regret…go on with the list. Mine was a million miles long. But I always
knew God was there. He doesn’t leave us. Not during an illness, a crisis,
or even (inexplicable as it is to us) when we sin beyond what we ever
intended to do.

When circumstances and situations change, i.e. we perceive our lives are
ending, we understand what we’ve always known to be true. God is real
and wants to be in relationship with us. I challenge each of us to do the
hard work of understanding that more each day.

Don’t wait. It’ll be the best, most joy-filled and peaceful decision you’ve
ever made.

Believe me, “If a stubborn, thrice-married, label-hating, quintessential
Catholic girl can be transformed, so can you.” (page 5, Remorseless).

Thank you all who came out to the book release on March 3rd! This
whole thing has been beyond what I could have ever expected (no pun

For those of you who have read Remorseless, if you could please
leave a review on Amazon…that would be HUGELY helpful to me!

Lastly, if no one has reminded you yet today, let me be the first:
You matter. You better believe that, too.

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