The Grammys.  Yep, watched ’em.  Well, I mostly watched them and of course, as a non-musician, really what I did was rip on some of the outfits while I continued to be enamored with people who ARE actual musicians.  You know, the ones who can make a beat out of anything…even sans the Bop It! which is still snuggled nicely into the game closet, silently waiting for someone to turn it on after years of neglect. 

I am also kind of enamored with John Legend and his hottie of a wife. She’s a blogger (and ok fine…a SI model but I tolerate it only because she loves to write, loves her newlywed life, and loves her hottie musician husband) who is unapologetic towards her haters.  And man does she have a lot of them for some reason.  Jealous?  Sure.  Unwarranted?  Maybe.  Irrelevant?  Definitely. 

If you read her blog, you will note that she could give a rat’s ass about other people’s assumptions regarding her character or how she lives her life. You will also note that her clearly in-love-with-her husband cooks her breakfast and writes little excerpts about the things he finds endearing (“She likes McDonald’s Sausage McMuffin with Eggs when she’s hungover.  Or crabby.  Or NOW.”).

Here’s what I noted:  me noting things while watching those two.  Now, noting the noting is annoying and doesn’t do a thing to help my obvious afflictions or whatever diagnosis you would like to render.  But alas, just like Mrs. Legend, I don’t care.

The parallels were easy for me to draw, even though I draw worse than I sing.  All of her loves all of him.  And all of him loves all of her.  Through flaws and imperfections, bad cooking, haters, stressful situations, the unknown, they are rocking it…together. 

As I watched her watch him sing, I smiled.  As I watched them shut out the rest of the people around them, albeit politely, I smiled.  As I watched them all dolled up, but knowing full well (well, as “full well” as her blog allows) that they normally chill at home in sweats and undone hair, I smiled. 

And when they laughed the way in which only two people who are truly in love and have the exact same sense of humor can laugh, jiggetty-jiggetty-boo! was I glad the TV was turned off.

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