It’s borderline ridiculous to state the following:  I have always loved music.  I mean, who hasn’t?  But I am almost in love with it, need it, crave it, want it at all times…and let’s face it, had I not opened with my first sentence, music may not have been your final answer back to Regis.

I grew up in the 80’s and therefore am a connoisseur of all things Rock and Metal.  Additionally, total ambiekinesis is created in my head when anything with a good beat, good refrain, or meaningful lyrics comes on.  Allegretto and I’m done.  Much like my every day penchants for a myriad of pastimes, I also enjoy a multitude of genres.  Except Country. Don’t sing to me in twang about your hillbilly pickup truck and front porch which doubles as a laundry mat.  Don’t sing to me about Earl or Jim-Bob or Jim Beam.  (However, you can sing to me about a guy straight-up named Bob because I used to spin to that song – something about a Yacht Club – with dear friends of mine who could make me laugh at anything).

Transportation back in time, to a specific conversation, to a specific feeling, and definitely to a specific person – I can get there instantaneously through a few notes.  While in the office, I listen to Jazz.  Unless I’m feeling like I can conquer anything and anyone in that moment and then it’s Alternative.  You get the point.  Music.  Man, can it emote.

So imagine my utter contempt anytime I’m in the car with my now-driving-legally daughter.  WHAT is that noise?  Am I old?  Don’t answer that.  No, I have taste.  An appreciation.  An understanding.  I love all things new, but whatever “New-Age” this is, I don’t want to be.

Liv loves, loves, loves Taylor Swift (a/k/a “Can I be a Kennedy now that I own a home in Hyannis Port?”).  Absolutely adores her music.  In fact, I think her iTunes cards may even be emblazoned with Taylor’s mug sporting Jackie O’s big black shades. 

Each and every time a new Taylor Swift song is released –  I really want to hate it.  I dismiss it as completely horrible, totally country, and ostentatiously annoying. 

But guess what?  “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.”

Rock on, girl.

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