Gracie Wright is an award-winning author and singer-songwriter who had to re-learn who she was after being struck by a car at age 11 and suffering a traumatic brain injury. She had to start her life all over again, learning to read, write, play and even remember what emotions are and how to use them. Today she creates storylines for her children’s books that teach kids who they are: loved by God. According to Gracie, “Losing one’s identity is something we all go through at some point in our life. The question is how do we find it again?”Her experiences gave her a heart for children, for justice, and for love to be something that each of us demonstrates to everyone we meet. She believes that whether you believe in God at this point in your life or not, our lives are extremely important and are treasured in God’s Kingdom.

To learn more about Gracie, including her publishing company, Miss Wright Publishing Ltd, visit

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