The Fedd Agency announced today that it will publish Living in Silence – a courageous memoir about the healing journey of a woman who overcame sexual abuse with resilience and bravery in the face of evil and took back control of her life. Written by Cindy Arevalo, a faithful believer, Living in Silence is slated for publication on November 16, 2021. Arevalo was a 14-year-old eighth grader when she met her abuser, a teacher at her school. Throughout Living in Silence, Arevalo invites the reader to walk alongside her as she shares how the teacher groomed, manipulated, gaslit her, and subjected her to years of fear, abuse, and rape.

Arevalo wants victims of sexual assault to realize that what happened to them is not their fault. She wants them to feel her story, read about how she overcame pressure from her abuser to remain silent, and learn how she summoned the courage to speak the truth and continue to live her life with faith and hope. Arevalo’s book is a powerful statement of her triumph over fear, and she hopes that her story will give other abuse victims the strength to come forward.

“I pray that survivors feel encouraged and empowered to speak the truth, and their loved ones feel inspired to stand with and support survivors and shut down those who seek to shame or silence us. Let us find our voice, stand up, and speak out together. Let us make the predators who lurk in the shadows and hurt and abuse us feel scared of us. We can take our power back, together,” said Cindy Arevalo.

“Cindy’s story is one of reclamation and hope. Living in Silence is a sharp and beautiful note that bravely disrupts the silence often expected from survivors of sexual assault and abuse. Cindy uses her voice proudly to find redemption in her story and empower others to do the same,” said Esther Fedorkevich, Founder of The Fedd Agency.

Living in Silence (ISBN: 978-1949784688) is available for pre-order on Amazon


Cindy Arevalo is an entrepreneur and works in financial services alongside her husband Juan. Since coming forward to share her story, she has been an ally of and advocate for survivors in her community. Through her book Living in Silence, Arevalo hopes to create a larger network of support and hope for survivors of sexual assault across the globe. Cindy and Juan live in California with their children.

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The Fedd Agency, a literary and entertainment agency located in Austin, TX, was founded by Esther Fedorkevich in 2003. Among her clients are Tim Tebow, Dude Perfect, Trey Gowdy, Mark Batterson, Cameron Hanes, Eric Metaxas, Pattie Mallette, Dr. Anita Phillips, Lisa Bevere, and Paula Faris. After representing over 80 New York Times bestselling books, Esther knows that publishing is changing. That is why she has established The Fedd Agency’s unique, 360-degree model that comprehensively manages the needs of her clients—from traditional publishing; to in-house book production; to building personal platforms; to brand partnerships; to negotiating for film, television, and other derivative products.

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